Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Introducing Business Model
    • What is a Business Model
  • 2
    The Concept
    • Nine Elements of Business Model
    • Business Model example: Nespresso
    • Business Model Example: AirBnB
  • 3
    The Applications
    • Business Model Innovation at Google
    • Business Model on B2B Company
    • B2B Business Model Example: Hilti
    • 8 Trigger Questions


  • Indrawan Nugroho

    CEO Corporate Innovation Asia (CIAS)

    Indrawan Nugroho

    Indrawan Nugroho is a Corporate Innovation Consultant, founder and CEO of Corporate Innovation Asia (CIAS), a business innovation consulting firm with a mission to help corporations design and implement innovation to drive business performance. He is also the Co-founder of Kubik Leadership Group, a prominent group of companies in the field of Human Resources Development Consultancy in Indonesia which was established in 1999.